Answers to those pressing questions.

1. What is this craziness?

A. This is what happens when you don't cut your hair. It all began with tupperware, actually. I had some time one day about four or five years ago and I experimented with using tupperware to hold up some crazy hairstyle. I was a huge Star Wars fan, and for some reason the jump from tupperware to Jedi seemed a reasonable one. I did a couple Star Wars styles and put them on my site as a joke. People thought it was pretty cool, albeit pretty weird, and asked for more, and that's how it's been ever since.

2. Do you take requests for movie/tv/book/whatever hairstyles?

A. I take requests, but I don't necessarily have time to do them. Unbelievable as it may seem, I do have a life, and months go by without my touching this site. As a working college student, I have a lot on my plate, so it might take awhile for me to get around to a particular style.

3. Can you make me a movie headdress/costume?

A. Sorry, no. I'm not a costumer and don't know what I'm doing when it comes to that sort of thing. There are a plethora of costuming links in the Links section (logical, no?). I will occasionally make my own exceedingly cheap props, but that's just for the sake of the hairstyle. I'm mainly interested in the hair; there are other resources for the rest of the accoutrements.

4. How long have you been growing your hair? How long is it?

A. I started growing it out from shoulder length about eight years ago. It took about four years to get to its current length, and for the past four years, during college, I've mainly been keeping it at the same length. As of January 2009, it's 48 inches long, measuring from the hairline to the ends. Since some of the pictures on this site are from several years ago while others are quite recent, the length varies a lot from style to style.

5. Will you ever cut your hair and/or donate it to Locks of Love, etc?

A. I actually *do* cut my hair a couple times a year, usually only a few inches. I may one day decide to hack it all off. However, I don't think that I would ever donate it to a charity. Many of them have slightly shady business practices of which I don't approve. See the Links section for more information about this pet peeve of mine.

6. Will you sell me your hair for a wig/some other purpose?

A. Not unless I was facing utter starvation or in similarly dire straits. Also, I will in no way, shape, or form be involved in any fetishist sites, projects, etc. and any correspondence of that nature will be deleted unanswered. I'm sorry to even have to put that in here, but unfortunately it comes up somewhat often.

7. Do you do photoshoots/interviews?

A. It depends upon the particulars. As mentioned above, anything remotely risque is out of the question. I have done e-mail interviews in the past (see Links) and would have no problem with interviews in the future. I have been offered a couple photoshoots, but they all fell through due to the timing or the distance involved. However, if circumstances were right, I certainly wouldn't mind!

8. You have a site dedicated entirely to movie hairstyles. Don't you have a life?

I suppose I *could* get a life, but this is so much more fun... All kidding aside, I like to think I have a rather splendid life. I certainly enjoy it, anyway. Some of my hobbies might be a tad bit unusual, but that just adds interest, don't you think?