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Cinnamon Buns

My version:

Reference images:

Analysis (whoo, scientific): This style consists of double buns on either side of the head. Reference pictures 1 and 2 show the front part down the middle. It's very hard to find a good rear view; picture 3 was the best I could get. However, from this picture and from watching the movie, you can see that the part extends all the way down to the nape of the neck, dividing the hair in two even sections. The double buns are, strictly speaking, not done the way one would do a normal bun. The hair isn't twisted tightly, as seen in pictures 4 and 5, which are also good views of the positioning of the buns on the head. The hair is twisted clockwise, and appears to form two and a half circles. No fasteners or accessories are visible. The style varies slightly from scene to scene in the movie; in picture 4 it looks perfect and it's obviously falling apart in 6. Guess that's what getting caught in a garbage masher does to you. As an interesting aside, Padawan's Guide speculates that the Hopi squash blossom hairstyle (picture 7) inspired this style. Many of the Star Wars styles seem to have historical roots (or at least influences).

Directions: To do this style, first part your hair straight down the middle and comb/brush it smooth. Put your hair into pigtails with the elastic centered where you want the middle of each bun to be. (It is possible to do this without the pigtails as a first step, but it's much easier with the elastics holding your place.) Pick one side to work with first, and start twisting the hair loosely; while the original style is twisted clockwise, practically speaking it doens't really matter which way you go. It looks about the same either way. Twist the hair into a spiral, being sure not to pull it tightly; otherwise the buns will "stack" instead of forming into the signature cinnamon bun. Pin securely with bobby pins as you go. Random word of warning, be careful of your ears. Because your hair ends up covering your ears, it's easy to accidentally spear your ear with a bobby pin, which is just never fun. By twisting the hair loosely, you'll end up with fewer spirals but larger ones. This is actually good, because the volume of hair required to make the buns that large is more hair than the average person has. The looser and poofier the twists, the more hair it looks like you have. Unfortunately, this also makes the style less secure, so use lots of pins! When you're finished, tuck the ends into the bun and pin them. In the original, the twists ended in the back, but pretty much anywhere will still work. Now repeat on the other side, making sure the buns are the same height and size. That's it!