Medal Ceremony

My version:

Reference images:

Analysis (whoo, scientific): This style consists of a huge braided bun high on the head with one single braid hanging down the back. Pictures 1 and 3 show how long the braid is; it's only been braided about halfway down, and the tail of the braid is quite long. The braided bun is set high enough on the head that you can see it when Leia is looking straight, as show in picture 1. The side views in 2 and 3 show that the braided bun isn't quite a normal bun. The braids are probably wrapped around something; it's pretty much impossible to get braids to stack on top of each other like that without something in the middle to wrap them around. That would also lend some probability to the style; the sheer volume of hair required for the bun alone is a bit incredible. As you can see from 4, nothing but hair shows from the back either. There are no fasteners or accessories visible.

Directions: Divide your hair into two sections, one larger section on top and a smaller one on the bottom. Put the bottom section over your shoulder or tie it back out of the way somehow. Put the rest of your hair into a half-ponytail with an elastic. Loosely braid the ponytailed section into several braids; you want at least a couple braids to work with, but you don't want the braids to be too thin, so experiment until it looks about right. Now, in my version, I just wrapped the braids around into a bun, trying to stack the braids so the bun was relatively high. It didn't work terribly well because it's very hard to get a tall bun that way. I suggest getting some sort of padding and putting it in the center of the braids, then wrapping the braids around that. A twisted washcloth (or a similarly sized piece of fabric) twisted into a spiral and safety-pinned to itself so it will stay that way would probably work. Wrap the braids around it, hiding it as you go and using bobby pins to hold the braids to each other. Now go back to the lower section of hair and braid it loosely as well, about halfway down, and tie it off. That's it!