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Analysis (whoo, scientific): Padme's hair in Attack of the Clones starts out practically straight, then suddenly goes curly for most of the movie. This style consists of 6 low ponytails at the nape of the neck, banded every few inches by silver rings. The hair is parted in the front (picture 2), but not in the back. You can see where it looks as if Natalie Portman's hair was incorporated into the style; in pictures 1 and 2, there are ends of hair poking out right below the last band. You can also see a slight color difference from there on, showing the beginning of the fake hair. This is probably the style you can see the differences in the fake hair versus the real hair the clearest. It's still a beautiful style, though!

Directions: Part your hair for the first several inches and comb it smooth. Separate the hair into 6 sections at the nape of the neck and band each one off with an elastic. Tie each ponytail off with elastics three more times. Now, I'm really cheap, so I just used tin foil to cover the elastics. I'm sure you can come up with something better. :P If you're really a stickler for accuracy, curl the ends slightly so they flip up as in the original. That's it!