Arrival on Tatooine

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): The hair is parted for the first few inches, with the side hair braided and wound into double buns. The rest of the hair is pulled back, but is similar to the Picnic style in that portions of the curls are coiled and pinned to the back of the head, hiding the point at which the hair is gathered together (presumably into a ponytail). The headpiece covers the middle of the head and encircles both buns without covering them, unlike the Picnic style did. No other fasteners are visible.

Directions: Part your hair for the first few inches. Make a horizontal part in line with your ears, so that you have an equal-sized section of hair on each side of the part. Braid each section and coil it into a bun, pinning it securely. Now gather the rest of the hair at the nape of your neck, putting most of it in a loose ponytail and coiling the rest of it, pinning it to the back of your head to soften the look and hide the elastic and any pulled-back parts. That's it!