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Analysis (whoo, scientific): While this is nearly identical to the Nightgown style, it's got a few difference. The main one is that the hair is parted more exactly and much farther back, as you can see in picture 3. Picture 4 shows a good view of the back, with the hair pulled back loosely to fall down the back. You can see from picture 2 that the "sprout" of hair is set much higher and sticks out quite a bit from the head. No fasteners are visible.

Directions: Part the first 4 inches or so of your hair. Pull the sides back and up loosely, clipping it with a claw clip to form a "sprout" or waterfall of hair. Make sure the clip is on the underside, giving the curls more height and hiding the clip. The curls are loose, as they are in the Nightgown style, rather than tight curls as in the other Tatooine style. That's it!