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Analysis (whoo, scientific): The hair is parted the first few inches, then it's pulled back tightly. There are 8-12 loops of twisted hair intertwined, around each other and around the center of the style, all of them sticking out from the head slightly. I read that this was done by wrapping hair around foam tubes, which makes sense because otherwise there's not really a way to get the hair not to twist back on itself. No fasteners are visible.

Directions: There are a couple ways to do this, although none of them will give you the exact look of the original, unless you have foam tubes lying around. One way is to pull all of your hair back into a ponytail. Then rope braid several sections of hair (see Dreamweaver Braiding for instructions on how to do a rope braid). Fold the rope braids into loops, threading them through each other and pinning them. If your hair is long, you'll probably have to make two loops (or more) per braid, otherwise the loops get too long and just flop over instead of sticking out from your head. This is how I did it in the pictures above. Another way to do it is to twist sections of the hair tightly, pinning it into loops. The hair has a tendency to twist back on itself, unlike in the original, but it's still pretty close. You can also do this with normal braids (which is quite a bit easier), but that eliminates the twisted look of the original.