Senate (Cut scene)

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): I can only imagine the frustration of the hair stylists when one of the most complicated styles never even made it into the movie. This must've taken forever (and tons of fake hair) to do. The hair is pulled straight back to central point, from which two sets of "wings" emerge, as well as a topknot of sorts. The wings closest to the head are more curved to follow the shape of the face and project higher on either side than the second set, which curves more around the head but are a bit smaller (pictures 1 and 4) You can see a band holding the topknot into a sideways bow shape (picture 3) at the back of the head. It's the only fastener visible, aside from the forehead jewel. There's a slight hair color difference between the wings and the topknot; chances are the only hair that's Natalie's is the topknot.

Directions: Don't let the smile in the picture fool you; this style gave me a horrible time and I was ready to chuck the whole thing on a couple occasions. However, if you really want to give this a shot with your own hair, first start by making a very secure ponytail fairly high on the head. Divide the hair into 4 sections horizontally. Now bend two coathangers, one for each set of wings, into the shape you want. Set one against the ponytail as the innermost set of wings, and pull the two outermost sections of hair around the coathanger, one on each side. Pin, tie, clip, or otherwise secure it (that's the hard part). I used small clips to hold the hair to the wire and giant bobby pins to hold the wire to my head. Now do the same thing with the second set of wings, wrapping the last two sections of hair around the coathanger. You'll have a fair amount of hair left over, hanging from the middle of the wings. Twist all of it together into the topknot, and fasten with an elastic, more pins, and possibly superglue. That's it!

Kidding about the superglue, although it'd probably help.