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Analysis (whoo, scientific): This style consists of two slightly horn-like double buns, with a much smaller, high bun in the back. The two side buns aren't even buns at all, as you can see in pictures 1 and 4. They're tall, slightly curved (3), and pointed at the tops, and are "folded" slightly, as you can see in 4. They actually look more like double butterflies, only with the tops of the "wings" connected to each other. You can see in 2 that, again, there's a slight hair color difference between the middle bun and the side buns. It looks as if Natalie's real hair is all pulled up high into the bun, with the side buns being completely fake hair. There is no central part. No fasteners are visible, except for the silver hair jewelry in the front, which doesn't seem to be holding the style in any way.

Directions: It's quite difficult to get the buns in the right shape without anything to wrap them around. First of all, if you want the technically accurate, part-less look, section off the hair right above the forehead and right at the nape of the neck and get them out of the way. Now part the remaining hair down the middle, so that you have a section on each side, with smaller sections at the top and bottom. Put the side sections in two high, secure pigtails. Now bring the top and bottom sections together in the middle of the back of your head, hiding the middle part that you just made. Coil the hair together to form the middle bun, pinning it securely. Now get two smallish pieces of cloth (socks tightly folded lengthwise work) or, better yet, something bendy but soft, like thick pipe cleaners, and wrap your side pigtails around them, rolling the hair under. When you've rolled most of the way up to your pigtail elastic, fold the roll of hair in half, creating the point at the top. Pull the hair out a bit at the bottom of the roll to get the curved shape, and make sure all ends are tucked in and pinned. Pin everything some more for good measure to hold it. That's it!