Family (Cut scene)

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): Shock and amazement, Padme's hair is suddenly insanely curly. This style consists of a huge bunch of curls held back by a large headpiece/headband/thingy. Most of the curls are up high, so that you can even see them above the headband, with a few longer ones hanging down the back (see pictures 3 and 4). The hair is pulled straight back without any parts or anything. No fasteners are visible, so it's not clear how all the curls are being held up.

Directions: This is surprisingly difficult, mainly because even if you *do* have curly hair, it's hard to get them to have that much volume while still having the tight curls of the original, with no longer pieces of hair hanging down. First, pull all of your hair back into a very high ponytail. My hair is naturally curly, so I just put some gel on my hair while it was wet, scrunched it, and let it dry. I don't really have much experience with straight hair, so I couldn't really say what would be the best way to curl it...I'm assuming a curling iron and a truckload of hairspray would do the trick, but I've never had reason to try it. Anyway, swirl the curls around the ponytail, hiding the elastic and piling the curls on top of each other to get the height/volume you want. Pin thoroughly, leaving a few longer curls down. I made the headband out of a piece of posterboard and some foil just for the sake of the picture, but you'll probably want something a little more sophisticated. Make sure the headband doesn't flatten the curls, but rather that the curls poke out above the headband. That's it!