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Analysis (whoo, scientific): This (curly again!) style is parted the first few inches, then the hair is divided into two braided side buns with bun covers. The rest of the back hair is curled, with some in a loose bun hiding the ribbon in the back and the rest in a loose, curly ponytail. I got inordinately excited over this style, because you can actually see the hairpins! Yes, I'm a geek, but usually I have no way of knowing how they hold these styles up because I can never see what they're using to hold it. In 1 and 3 you can just see the giant hair pins holding up the curls in the middle of the head and all of the loose curls up around the double side buns. You can just see in picture 1 that the hair inside the bun covers is braided. It also looks like the curls from the back of the style have been pulled forward a bit around the side buns to soften the look a little bit more (pictures 1, 2, and 3). Picture 4 is actually a slightly different style, which appears to only have been used for promo shots and the like. It's pretty much the same as the main hairstyle, the only difference being that the double buns on the sides are gone. Instead, it looks as if the hair from the sides has been loosely gathered at the back of the head, creating more curled volume there.

Directions: I'm only going to give directions for the main style, so if you have questions about the variation, just contact me. First, part the first couple inches of your hair. Gather the hair on either side of the part and loosely braid it, leaving a few pieces free if you'd like to soften the style like the original. Coil the braids into two small buns, one on either side, pinning to hold them. Separate another small section from either side of your head, just behind the double buns, and keep them aside. Put the rest of your hair into a low ponytail with a couple ribbons, leaving the ends of the ribbons loose. Now take the hair you left out and gather it loosely in the back, swirling it into a loose bun or simply coiling it once and letting the rest hang down. Pin it how you like, hiding any elastics or tightly-pulled back parts, so that it looks soft and casual. For this to look like the original, your hair either has to be naturally curly, or be curled somehow. I put gel on my hair while it's wet and then wait for it to dry, but if your hair is naturally straight, you'll probably need a curling iron. That's it!