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Analysis (whoo, scientific): I love how this style looks. The hair is parted the first couple inches. From there, the sides are twisted back, and then braided into one long braid down the back. A separate section of hair is twisted tightly and wrapped around the braid before the braid is tied off, with a tail of 6-8 inches. The twisted hair is definitely a slightly different color, which means it's probably fake. No fasteners are visible, although there is a silver headband of sorts around the forehead that doesn't seem to be holding up the hair in any way.

Directions: First, part the first couple inches of your hair. Take the sides of your hair and twist them back, pinning them to hold the twist. The hair that was twisted back can now form the middle strand of the braid. Before you braid the rest of the hair, however, separate out two smallish sections from the nape of the neck and bring them around to the front out of the way. Now braid all of the rest of the hair together, tying it off with a tail of about 8 inches. Now twist the two sections of hair that you separated out. Wrap them in a criss-cross fashion around the braid until you reach the point where you tied them off. Take out the elastic and put it back in so that the ends of the twisted pieces are blended in with the rest of the braid tail. I find that the twisted sections frizz less and look smoother if I put a little bit of conditioner on them before twisting them. That's it!