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Analysis (whoo, scientific): The curls in this style are longer and looser than in the Picnic or Family scenes. Actually, Padme's hair looks longer here than in any other style in the movie, for some reason. The hair is parted slightly, and from there the sides are loosely swept back and up into a cascade of curls down the back. No fasteners are visible. This style is very similar to the second Tatooine style; see that page for more details.

Directions: Part your hair just a little bit, and gather the sides together. Pull them back loosely, clipping them on the underside with a claw clip to create a sprout or waterfall of hair that hides the clip. You can also do this with bobby pins to get the same look, but it doesn't hold nearly as well. To recreate the original, your hair should be curly, but not as tightly curled as in some of the previous styles. That's it!