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Analysis (whoo, scientific): The pictures of my version are some of the newest pictures on the site, so they're actually good quality! I hope to have all the pictures on the site at least that quality some day...hopefully before I'm carted off to the nursing home and my hair is completely grey. But anyway! The hair. This style is rockin' awesome. Brunnhild's standard style consists of three (see pictures 3 and 4), five (see picture 7), or nine (pictures 1, 2, 5, and 6) small french braids (think really big cornrows). There are also random smaller braids scattered throughout the style. You can see where the actress' hair blends in with the fake; you can see her shoulder-length hair in pictures 3 and 4, and in picture 6 you can see where it attaches to her own hair. The braids don't appear to be tied off in any way.

Directions: I only did three french braids, and it still took me quite a while. One day, when I am exceedingly bored or have tremendous amounts of time, I'll try the version with 9 braids. First, I partitioned my hair into the three sections, using a rattail comb to get nice straight parts between the sections. That was probably the hardest part. Then I twisted the sections I wasn't working with yet out of the way. I french-braided each section, only taking hair to about 7 inches back from the hairline. From there I just braided down to the ends. If you want a very Amazon style, this is it; next time I go conquering neighboring countries, I think I'll wear this.