Wensicia 1

My version: Not here yet!

Reference images:

Analysis (whoo, scientific): Nutty hairstyle, although not as hard as it looks, provided you have a lot of wire coat hangers. Picture 2 is a slightly different style, but it's very similar aside from the different wire pattern. In both, the first few inches of the hair is parted and the sides are swept down and back. The rest of the hair is swept up and piled high on top of the head (picture 1) or a smooth bun (picture 2). From what I could see, the big wire thingamajig is anchored low on the head somehow, probably incorporated into the ends of the front hair that was swept back.

Directions: Part the first few inches of your hair, and leave the hair on either side of the part loose. Gather the rest of the hair together and pile it high on top of the head, pinning it securely. As for the wire, if you're going to recreate these exactly, I recommend a VERY lightweight wire. Heavy wire will not only hurt your neck, it will be very hard to anchor it to the hair. Jewelry wire would probably work best. Use the hair on either side of the part to hide where the wire is pinned to the back of your head. That's it!