Sabe Decoy

My version:

Reference images:

Analysis (whoo, scientific): Yet another variation on the ever-popular prequel poof. This time, the hair only touches the head at the beginning and end of the poof. The hair from the sides is curved around (presumably wrapped around some wire form) to the top of the head, then down. The curved sides are wrapped in some sort of material that matches the costume. The hair in the back is pulled up high and gathered together (see picture 1 and 2). From there it forms a big, mushroomlike poof, where it's tied off. Then it hangs down the back, with another tie 6 or 8 inches down. Besides the headdress, no other fasteners are visible. I'm not exactly sure how great this would be during a battle, but it seems to work for her.

Directions: This is really hard to replicate exactly. In my version, I did the towel-wrapping trick again like witih the Invasion style. That worked, but to be more accurate, I would try it again with two towels, possibly with wire coathangers inside, so that it didn't touch my head all the way around. Without having tried it yet, I'm not sure how exactly that would work (most of these styles, I had do some trial and error before I hit upon something that worked), so I'll update this once I've tried it.