Dorme 1

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): The hair is parted in front, with the sides of the hair combed smooth and low to each side. Almost at shoulder level, they're braided and then looped back up to the middle of the hairstyle (picture 2). There is a small braided bun in the center of the head, on which a weird-looking folded donut of hair is resting. You can see this especially well in picture 4, which is actually the wig of the style (thus answering the question of how much of the hair is real). A small braid runs around the entire style, as you can see in pictures 1 and 3. No fasteners are visible.

Directions: This is a challenging one. Part the first few inches of your hair down the middle, then make a second part horizontally in line with the tops of the ears, creating two even sections with the part in the middle. Comb these two sections smooth and begin braiding them loosely, well below ear level. Braid to the end and then put them out of the way. Gather the rest of the hair up into a very high ponytail. Separate the hair in the ponytail into three sections: two large ones and one smaller one. Braid the smallest section and the lowermost of the large sections. Coil the large braided section into a bun, pinning securely. Twist the other large section into a horizontal bun (the folded donut) that rests on the top of the braided bun. Pin the living daylights out of the thing. Now bring up the two side braids that you made and pin the ends so that they're hidden by the two buns, creating a braided loop on either side of the head. Take the final braided section leftover from the main ponytail and wrap it around the entire style, covering any pins or messy ends. That's it!