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Analysis (whoo, scientific): Crazy, crazy style. Several braids, wrapped in ribbon, are wrapped around the head. Smaller, unwrapped braids criss-cross the back of the head, running underneath the wrapped braids. Then continue down into the section of hair that is loose. There is also a loose braid on each side of the head, hanging down by the face.

Directions: Take a large handful of hair from behind each ear and braid each side into several small braids, so that you have at least four. You can thread small ribbons through them if you want, although that would take a looong time. Make four very small braids: two at the front of the head, several inches apart (if you drew a straight line from the center of each eye to your hairline, that's where the braids should start). The other two should start at the hairline as well, about two inches above the tops of your ears. Now wrap the ribboned braids around your head, covering the beginnings of the tiny braids but not the ends of them. Pin these braids securely. Now criss-cross the top two tiny braids, bringing their ends underneath the ribboned braids (you may have to move a bobby pin or two to do this). Pin them too, if need be. Now criss-cross the lower two tiny braids and bring their ends under the wrapped ribbon braids as well. This finishes up the "cap" part of the style. If you want, you can also do a loose braid on each side of your face with remaining hair that's hanging loose.