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Analysis (whoo, scientific): This style consists of a central bun with two braided loops on either side. As you can see in pictures 3 and 5, the hair is all gathered straight back fairly high on the head. From there you have the two braids doubled back on each other, with the ends hidden. The bun isn't technically a bun, since the hair isn't twisted around itself but rather folded and tucked in, as seen in pictures 4 and 6. However, for the sake of replicating the hairstyle, a bun works just as well and is a lot simpler. The loops are fairly loosely braided and just skim the shoulders, as you can see in 1 and 3. There are no fasteners or accessories visible.

Directions: Gather all of your hair into a fairly high ponytail. Separate it into three sections. Braid the two outer sections a bit loosely, leaving the middle one free. Pin the two braids up, forming the loops, and adjust them so they're the right length. Now twist the middle section into a bun, making sure to cover the ends of the braided loops. If you want to attempt the exact look of the original, fold the middle section under once and pin the ends. Wrap the folded hair around itself and tuck the folded ends into the pocket it creates, using lots more bobby pins to hold it. This is hard to explain; e-mail me for further directions if it doesn't work. That's it!