Departure From Rivendell

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): I would kill for a back view of a lot of these Elvish styles. Well, not kill, but maybe maim. The hair is pulled back in a way that looks an awful lot like the standard Elf style, the fishtail braid in the back. You can see that a little bit in picture 4 and especially in 2; the way the hair is in the back looks exactly the same as Legolas' profile with the same hairstyle (minus the side braids). You can see in picture 3 that the hair isn't parted, but it's taken back and a little to the side. The circlet looks like it either goes halfway around, or tucks under the hair in the back.

Directions: If this style is indeed the same as Legolas and the other elves, you can check that page for further. details. Basically, the top half of the hair is swept back into a fishtail braid. With this style, a piece of hair is pulled over the shoulders but behind the ears. Her hair is straight again instead of wavy. That's it!