Queen Jamillia

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): This style is highly reminiscent of Amidala's styles in Episode I. An elaborate headdress frames the face, while the hair slopes backward into the trademark "poof" (picture 1). Behind the first, smaller poof, there is a taller, narrow slab of hair extending high above the head. The remaining hair is gathered in the back into a low, wide bun, as you can see in picture 3. Besides the headdress, no other fasteners are visible.

Directions: I kind of gave up on this one, as you can see from the crummy pics. It was pretty ridiculous, but this is what I did: Separate the hair into two sections, top and bottom. Flip the top section over your head and put a rolled up hand towel around your head, similar to the Invasion style but smaller. Pull the top portion of the hair over the towel, covering it, and put the hair in an elastic to hold it. Now cut some cardboard into a tall rectangle and set it against the first poof, bringing the leftover hair from the poof around on either side of the cardboard because you'll need it later for the bun. Pull the bottom section of hair up and over the cardboard, covering it as best you can. Pin, elastic, or otherwise get it to hold (this is the tricky part). Now gather any leftover hair you have from both poofs and coil it into a loose, low bun at the nape of the neck, hopefully covering any pins and elastics in the process. That's it!