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Analysis (whoo, scientific): Kriemhild had several neat hairstyles, but this was the only interesting one I could find pictures of. As it is, I'm not entirely sure if the second picture is of the same hairstyle or only a similar one. You can see that two braids are wrapped around the head (at least there are two at the front), with some hair underneath and some hair over the wrapped braids. At the same time, two long, looped braids cross in the back, and what looks like three very small braids cross the back of the head horizontally. You can also see another braid coming out from behind the braids wrapped around the head. This is the problem with people getting carried away with fake hair; you have braids starting from nowhere and going nowhere and you end up with a braided jumble that's hard to replicate. However, it still looks cool.

Directions: Grab two handfuls of hair from the nape of the neck and braid each one. Wrap these two around your head, leaving some hair under and some hair above the braids rather than putting all of it over the braids in the manner of a headband. Tuck the ends underneath and pin securely. Now take another handful of hair on each side from under the wrapped braids and braid them as well, looping them loosely as in the picture, again pinning very securely. Make two or three very tiny braids, starting near the temples, and bring them across the style horizontally, pinning them underneath the original wrapped braids. You can make one or two more random braids and weave them through the already-wrapped braids for accents if you like. That's it!