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Analysis (whoo, scientific): Pretty cool 'do. The very top and front section of hair is pulled back, then separated into tiny sections and twisted and coiled around. Four small sections from the sides of the head between the temples and the ears are also twisted separately, then twisted together (pictures 1, 3, and 4). The two twists are tied together in the back (picture 5). The rest of the hair is loose, with the ends slightly curled.

Directions: Separate the top front section of hair, from the temples up. Tie it off with an elastic. Separate it into many small sections (at least 8 or 10). Twist each section tightly, pinning them into coils and small twists, making sure the ends are hidden. Now separate out four small sections of hair from between the temples and the ears and twist them all tightly. Now twist the twisted sections together, and do the same on the other side (you may have to clip them to hold them while you do the rest so they don't untwist). Tie the two sides together at the back of the head with an elastic. That's it!