Pirates of the Caribbean

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): The style consists of a pompadour in front, with the rest of the hair pulled loosely to the top of the head where it is curled and formed into a loose bun. One longer curl hangs down on the left hand side, and the whole style is very soft-looking and loose.

Directions: First, gather the top section of your hair, from the tops of your ears on up. Form the front poof of hair by pulling this section over your head and combing it smooth. Now twist the hair loosely once or twice, and loosely fold the hair back over your head the right way, pinning it to hold (a bit hard to explain; try here for pictures. Now gather the rest of the hair and bring it up loosely to the center of your head, leaving a bit of a poof in back as well. Leave one fairly large section out (this will be the single long curl) and coil the rest of the hair around into a loose bun, pinning it securely. You can pin individual sections into spirals for a softer look, although it takes longer. Use a curling iron or a big roller on the long section of hair left loose. Use a fair bit of hairspray, and that's it! It may take a little practice to get it all to look smooth and can be a little unstable. Alternatively, you can use a hair rat, as illustrated here.