The Chronicles of Riddick

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): The hair is swept back and up into a very high bun, with a braid with beads or some other hair jewelry woven in wrapped around the base of the style. The bun itself is very tall with pieces of hair woven in around each other in a basket style. Picture 3 is the actual hairpiece prop used in the movie, and you can see the woven pattern.

Directions: Put the hair in a high ponytail, then wrap a folded washcloth or sock around the ponytail to make it stand up, pulling the hair back down over the washcloth, kind of like a nuclear mushroom cloud. Put an elastic around the whole thing to hold it. Then braid part of the leftover hair, and wrap both the braid and the unbraided section of hair around the original ponytail. Pin everything to hold it. You can also try to weave the hair as they did in the movie, but it's much more complicated.