Bounty Hunter

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Reference images:

Analysis (whoo, scientific): This may be the only trilogy hairstyle in which no hairpiece was used. You can see what looks like the beginning of a French braid in picture 2 (though not in picture 3), while you can see something similar to a small braided bun in pictures 1 and 3. Picture 4 shows what are probably side braids leading into the bun. The volume of hair is so small that there's no way all of the hair Leia has in some of the other styles could be braided into a bun that small. Though, speaking from personal experience, it's awfully hard to cram a lot of hair under a helmet anyway.

Amne provided the last reference image and had some good insights into how to replicate the style. She compared it to Padme's pilot hairstyle in Episode II, and since both styles had to fit under helmets, that makes sense.

Directions: Best guess: taking a handful of hair from each side, low on the head, make two side braids. Braid the rest of the hair together and coil all three braids into a bun low on the head. Realistically, though, if you can do any of the other Leia hairstyles with your own hair, this one won't turn out looking anything like hers; 'll have way too much hair.