Rebel Assault

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): This style (and the Battle for Endor style, which is very similar) is one of my all-time favorite movie hairstyles. It consists of two small braids wrapped around the head, set just behind the ears, with two braided buns (or one large, oblong braided bun, it could go either way) at the nape of the neck. The bun may be a figure eight made out of the braids, it's hard to see. The hair is parted at least slightly in the front (see pictures 1 and 4), although not in the back (see 3). It's likely that this is because Carrie Fisher's real hair was parted while the hairpiece (everything from the braids on back) was not. You can see what looks like the woven beginnings of a braid in pictures 1 and 2. The beginnings and ends of the two braids wrapped around the head are hidden under the braided bun (see pictures 1 and 3). The braided bun is visible on either side of Leia's ears, so it's fairly wide. No fasteners or accessories are visible. The style changes slightly from scene to scene, as shown in pictures 4 and 5, where it's starting to get a little disheveled.

Directions: There are probably several ways you could do this style, but this is the easiest one for me. First, put all of your hair into a low ponytail. Separate the ponytail into 3 sections, and braid all three. Wrap the two outermost braids around your head and bobby pin. Coil the third braid around in a figure eight or an oblong bun at the very base of the neck, using it to hid the ends of your wrapped braids as well as the ponytail elastic. That's it!