Ewok Village

My version: Down at the moment.

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): I love this style! It's pretty simple; two braids wrapped in criss-crossing tan leather string, wrapped around the head and hanging down on either side. The two braids act as a headband, keeping the rest of the hair, which is loose and wavy, out of the way. You can see good details of the leather wrapping in pictures 1, 3, and 4. Picture 5 shows how far down the hair is braided (a few inches from the ends, looks like). It's not quite realistic in that if the braids were already wrapped all the way around the head, they wouldn't be anywhere near as long as the rest of her hair when it's down. The hairpiece strikes again. Besides the leather lacing, no other fasteners are visible. Incidentally, this style is identical to Leia's style at the very tail end of the movie during the Ewok celebration. I didn't put up a separate page since they're exactly the same.

Abby had the great idea to use hemp instead of the leather lacing, being much cheaper and easier to find. She also suggested braiding side hair into the wrapped braids to give the long braids hanging free on either side of the head that Leia has.

Directions: Take a section of hair from behind and under each ear and braid them both. Wrap them around your head, using bobby pins to hold them in place. To get the exact look of the original, you can incorporate more hair from the sides into the braids after the braids are wrapped around your head. That way the braids will be longer like Leia's are. The easiest way to do the lacing is to grab some hemp or something similar and a very large needle. Then you can thread the lacing around the braids in the criss-cross pattern, tieing them off at the ends. That's it!