Battle For Endor

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): This is extremely similar to the Rebel Assault hairstyle, so check that page for a more detailed description. This one varies in that there is tan lacing on the braids wrapped around the head, and the braided bun at the nape of the neck is actually two braided buns (possibly one figure eight), which are quite a bit larger.

Michelle has some great insights on this style which make a lot of sense: "Going by movieverse, it would make sense that this style is merely built upon from her Ewok Village style, right? So instead of four braids starting at the back of her head, she leaves in the 'tiara braids' of the Ewok Village style, and then braids and coils the rest of hair up into the buns, thus getting it all up and out of the way for Battle. This would also explain why the braids crossing the top of her head are narrower and further forward on her head in this style than they were in the Rebel Assault style, and also why they have lacing on them still."

Directions: Again, very similar to the first Endor style. One option is to make two pigtails very close together at the nape of the neck. Separate each pigtail in in two sections, and braid each one. Wrap the two outermost braids around the head and pin them. Coil the other two into two braided buns, hiding the ponytail elastics and the ends of the wrapped braids. Thread the lacing around the braids as with the Ewok village style. That's it!