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Analysis (whoo, scientific): Ok, see the girl in the bottom right-hand corner? That's the hairstyle. I realize this may be bordering on obsessive, but...I'm willing to live with that. Really, you can't tell what they did, but I wanted to try it anyway. The hair is parted at least at the beginning, maybe all the way down. There are braided "wings" or something like that on each side, with pieces of twisted hair crossing diagonally across it. At least, I think. My personal theory is that the braided wings are supposed to mirror the winged helmets of Gondor, but that could just be my overactive imagination.

Directions: I gathered all of my hair into a ponytail, then split it into two large sections and two small ones. I braided the two large sections and coiled them into the wings on either side. Then I twisted the small sections and brought them up around the wings then back down across the whole style in a big X, pinning the whole thing. That's it!