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Analysis (whoo, scientific): Whoa, Aragorn gets a hairstyle. I actually rather liked it before; when it gets this long he looks less macho-scruffy and hippy-scruffy. Nothing against hippies...but anyway! A smallish piece of hair on either side of his head is braided and pulled to the back, where the two braids are held together ('s hard to see). There are a couple metal bands or small beads on the braids on the sides, as well as in the middle on the ends of the braid. Picture 2 is actually a rather good shot of all three fellows' hair.

Directions: Braid a small piece of hair on each side of your head. String a bead or two on the braids if you want. Braid the two small braids together in the back of your head, stringing on a couple more beads and tying the whole thing off a few inches from the ends. That's it!