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Analysis (whoo, scientific): This is a bit like the precursor to Leia's famous cinnamon buns. The hair is parted, then twisted tightly into two very high buns. They form a tight spiral, as you can see from picture 3. They have quite a bit more height than Leia's (see picture 2) and stick out from the head a few inches. Also unlike Leia's, the buns don't completely cover the ears, and because they're twisted so much tighter, they're a lot smaller. There are no visible fasteners.

Directions: Part the hair down the middle and put the hair into two high pigtails. Twist the hair clockwise very tightly, so that the the twist it forms gives the bun height. Continue the spiral, so that you have about one and a half turns, "piling" the twists slightly so they stick out from the head. Pin securely, being careful not to harpoon your ears. If your hair is very long, you have to get a little more creative or the buns spiral too many times. I folded each pigtail in half, then twisted it, being careful to hide the ends as I made the spiral. That's it!