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Analysis (whoo, scientific): The hair is pulled loosely back, high onto the head. There's some sort of butterflyish clip there, holding it. The hair is curly with crazy amounts of volume (more hairpieces?). You can see from pictures 1 and 4 that the hairstyle gains quite a bit of height right behind the clip. The hair around the shoulders is shorter than the hair hanging down the back, as you can see in 3.

Directions: Gather the top half of your hair and pull it loosely back and upwards. Twist the hair a couple times, and put a claw clip underneath, holding the twist in place and creating a "sprout" with the hair. This should give you the height and volume of the original. Pull the curls over the clip to hide it, pinning artistically if need be. This also automatically makes the shorter pieces on either side, since the side hair has been pulled back and twisted, making it shorter by the time it hangs down like the rest. That's it!