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Analysis (whoo, scientific): I love this style and secretly wish to wear it grocery shopping. The side hair is knotted on either side of the head, with twisted loops hanging from each knot (pictures 1 and 2). The rest of the hair is twisted a little bit and swept back, where it's gathered together into a braid (pictures 3, 4, and 5). It's hard to get a very good look at the back, but it appears that a silverish ribbon or something similar is woven through the braid, tying it off at the end. There are also jewels set in each side knot and one at the nape of the neck where the braid starts. The helmet-style headpiece hides the front hairline, so you can't see if it's parted or not.

Directions: Part the hair for the first few inches, and make a second horizontal part in line with the tops of the ears, so that you have an equal section of hair on each side of the part and a larger section below that. Comb the side sections smooth to ear level, then twist them into a bun or a knot, whichever is easiest. Either way, you should have leftover hair after making one complete twist of the bun. Twist this extra hair into the loop that hangs below the bun. Pin the ends up under the bun so that they're hidden and do the same on the other side. Now gather the rest of your hair and twist the sides a bit before braiding it. Weave a ribbon into the braid as you go, and tie the braid off with an elastic. Use the rest of the ribbon to cover the elastic. I threw together a quick headpiece out of red construction paper (yes, el cheapo) and used the same material for the "jewels". Hey, I was out of copper.