Landing Pad

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): Another very simple style. The hair is pulled back loosely, leaving a bit of a poof in the front similar to the Nightgown style, by a headband type accessory. The hair just behind the headband gains some height (see pictures 1 and 2), making me wonder about hairpieces again. Picture 3 shows a good closeup of the headband. You can see in picture 4 that, once again, the sides of the hair are shorter than the middle hanging down her back.

Directions: In order to get the amount of volume Padme's hair has in the original, I did the curly "sprout" exactly like how I did with the Nightgown style. Then I just pinned individual curls so that it looked more like a headband was holding it. I didn't actually have a headband, so I put tiny rhinestone clips in a row across my head instead. If you wanted to be less picky about it, just put your hair back with a headband, leaving the front hair a bit loose, and curl the whole thing. That's it!