Senate (Cut scene)

My version: Not going to attempt this one, I'm afraid.

Reference images:

Analysis (whoo, scientific): This style is practically certainly all fake hair. The hair is twisted into hundreds of tiny, extremely tight spirals? dreadlocks? I'm not quite sure. Many of them have beads strung on them. The headdress hides the top of the head and the beginning of the twist-things, so you can't see how they're started. The twists seem to vary in length somewhat, with some being short and others quite long.

Directions: I gave this one a shot once. I ended up only twisting a couple dreadlock things before realizing it would take me years. The twists don't want to stay tightly twisted; I'm not sure how they got the originals to look that way. You could probably get a similar look by braiding your hair into a lots of tiny braids. Either way, it's a hugely time-consuming hairstyle for a style that didn't even make it into the movie!