Visit from Obi-Wan

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): The hair is parted the first couple inches, then the sides are twisted several times and pulled back to the nape of the neck, where it's gathered with a band. There are two more bands down the back, spaced out every few inches, with a very short tail at the end (pictures 1 and 3). The headdress is tucked into the side twists.

Directions: This is a very pretty style, and I wish I could find a real headdress like that. Mine was foil. Again. Part the first inch or two of your hair. Twist the sides back and pin them. Gather the hair into a very low ponytail. Tie the ponytail off twice more, each time moving down a few inches. Cover the elastics with foil (or something better, if you can find it) and pin your headdress on, hiding the ends in the side twists. That's it!