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Analysis (whoo, scientific): When I did this style, it was from memory and I hadn't even noticed the crazy braids wrapped around the whole thing. The style consists of a very tall bun with braids criss-crossed around it. You can see in pictures 6 and 7 that sometimes the hair is parted in front with little "wings" and sometimes it's pulled relatively straight back, as in the rest of the pics. There is some sort of beaded headdress wrapped around the whole thing.

Directions: Gather your hair into a very high ponytail on top of your head. Separate out enough hair to make several braids; you'll need at least 2, probably 4 depending on hair length. Go ahead and braid these now, tying them off with small elastics. Now, how I did the rest was to wrap consecutive elastics tightly around the hair, moving upwards, until I had the first 5 or 6 inches of the ponytail wrapped in elastics. If the ponytail is positioned high enough on the head, this will enable it to stand up relatively well. Now take the loose hair of the ponytail and bring it back down around all the elastics, hiding all of them. By pinning the hair tightly around the base of the style, it will also keep the whole 'do standing up better. The braids can also help hold it all together. One braid comes down near the forehead and makes a loop before wrapping around the base of the bun. The other wraps around the bun a couple times and makes a circle in the front. It's hard to see exactly how the braids are wrapped, so just use your imagination and pin everything securely. That's it!