Seasons 2-7

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): Troi's hair for seasons 2 through 7 are all pretty much variations on a basic style, with differing amounts of curl, volume, or length, depending on the season. Picture 2 shows a season 2 style, which was higher and a bit curlier than later seasons. Pictures 3 and 4 show good views of where the hairpiece probably started, especially picture 4. Oftentimes it looks as if the front part of her hair is pulled over a rat or something similar, as in picture 5. You can also see how much straighter her hair was in picture 5, in comparison to 6 where it's much shorter and curlier again. Picture 7 illustrates how they were moving away from the curls in later seasons, making them into waves. I think the later seasons also used mostly or all Marina's own hair, rather than wigs/hairpieces. In the movies, this is definitely the case; I don't have any pictures up because her hair isn't terribly unusual-looking anymore in the movies.

Directions: Gather the front part of your hair and pullit loosely back and up, keeping the look soft and not too tight. Use a claw clip to make a "sprout" or waterfall of hair, clipping it underneath the hair so that the hair falls over it, hiding it and giving you lots of height. Or, put a headband in, fairly far back on your head, and push it forward, giving you a "poof" in front. Then do the claw clip thing to give the height and volume in the back, behind the headband. If your hair isn't naturally wavy, try braiding the hair while it's wet and taking it out once it's dry. That's it!