Janice Rand

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): Probably the most insanely implausible hairstyle ever. A plain old beehive wasn't crazy enough, oh no. The hair around the face is only a couple inches long, and in back it just barely brushes the shoulders, but yet somehow there's enough hair to make the huge woven beehive. The front of the beehive is woven, basket-style, with the side pieces wrapped around the back of the style (see picure 4). Occasionally the back hair was pulled into a ponytail (pictures 1 and 3).

Directions: The original style is so obviously a wig that you have to modify it slightly to do it with real hair. Take the front middle section of your hair; this is going to form the vertical part of the woven section. Put this section in front of your shoulders out of the way. Now separate out a section on of hair on the sides of your head; these two sections will form the horizontal part of the woven section. Also put these sections in front of your shoulders. Gather the remainder of the hair together and bring it high up on the head. Wrap up a hand towel or some other form of padding and put it under the hair, forming the beehive. Pull the hair over the padding, covering everything and pinning/clipping to hold. You can either coil the extra hair around and pin it to your head or gather it into a ponytail, etc. Now separate the front middle section of hair that you had set aside into several sections. The original style had at least 8 vertical pieces, but that's pretty hard...you may just want to do 5 or 6. It's easiest if you put elastics around each section so you don't get mixed up. Now take your side sections and divide each one into 3 or 4 sections, also putting elastics around them. Now begin weaving the side pieces through the vertical pieces. You can either do this with the vertical pieces already up against the beehive, or you can weave it with the pieces hanging down in front of your face and then flip it up when you're done. Either way, it's pretty time-consuming, and you have to pin each piece as you go. When you're all done, take out all of the elastics. The side pieces wrap around the beehive and across the front of the style while the vertical pieces just go up and over the beehive with the rest of the hair. That's it!