Miranda Jones

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): Yes, I realize it looks somewhat dumb; I just wanted to see if it was possible without fake hair, which they plainly used in the original episode "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" The style was reused for a minor character in another episode (see picture 4). A section of hair is twisted up and around the head, with one small twist in the very center of the head.

Directions: Grab a good-sized chunk of hair (about 1/3 of your total hair) from the underside of your hair. Twist it tightly, bringing it up the side of your head. When you get to the middle of your head, make a small loop with the twisted hair, using bobby pins to keep it from untwisting itself. Continue around your head until you reach where you started, then pin the ends so that the rest of the hair hides them. That's it!