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Analysis (whoo, scientific): In this short-lived style, the hair goes straight up from the head for a few inches before forming a slighly curved helicopter shape on top. The helicopter is in an oval shape with the sides turned up a bit.

Directions: First, put your hair into a very high ponytail, right on the very top of your head. Using a wire coathanger, form the helicopter, using part of the wire to be the base. Set the base in the center of the ponytail. Separate the ponytail in half and wrap each half around the wire, securing it to your head and covering it completely. Criss-cross both halves around the base, then use a half for each side of the helicopter, winding the hair back down around the base again to finish and pinning the ends securely. This is a rather unstable (not to mention uncomfortable!) style, so the more securely you can pin it, the better. That's it!