Ensign Gates

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): This style is worn by a minor character in The Next Generation episode Descent. As far as I can see from the pictures, it looks as if the hair is separated into a few large sections and braided. Then the braids are coiled and twisted around into rather random-looking knobs on the head. You can see the top section is piled rather high on her head (pictures 2 and 4) while the back section is visible at the sides of her head when she's looking straight ahead (picture 2). It looks like there are two bottom sections of hair and one on top; you can sort of see a part down the bottom half in picture 3 while there is no part in the top half in the other pictures.

Directions: Separate your hair into a top and a bottom section. Pull the top section up and gather it at the top of your head. Braid it tightly. Now separate the bottom section into two equal portions and braid these tightly as well. Now coil the top braid around in the same general shape as in the pictures, namely a couple "knobs" on top of the head, tucking the ends underneath and pinning it. The bottom sections are more spread out along the sides of the head. Coil them around and pin them, making sure they show on the sides of the style enough. That's it!