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Analysis (whoo, scientific): This is one crazy 'do. The hair fans out from the head in a bizarre halo, then is pulled back around the head, where it hangs down in at least four sections which are tied in a series of staggered knots. According to the Star Wars Visual Dictionaries, this style is created by combing the hair over foam forms as part of the headdress. Which is about the only way it could be done, really, and still obey the laws of physics. As it is, the length and volume required for this style is enormous. Picture 1 shows a good view of the shape the front should be in. Pictures 2 and 3 show the knotted length of the hair, as well as the width of the fan (halo? poof? I don't even know what to call it). Episode 1 has a lot of styles that feature this poof/halo/fan, in varying sizes and styles. This hairstyle is incorporated into the headdress to such a degree that it's hard to recreate with only hair and without the headdress.

Directions: I fiddled around for a while before finding something to comb the hair over to form the poof. I ended up rolling up a bath towel and shaping it into an oval. I bent over, flipped all my hair forward, and put the towel oval over the back of my head, pulling the hair back over the towel to hide it. Gather the hair that's left into a ponytail. Separate it into 4-5 sections, and tie knots at intervals in each section. You may have to pin a few pieces of hair strategically to hide the towel/ponytail elastic. Even then, it still comes out looking somewhat straggly. This is one style that's VERY difficult to do successfully without some kind of fake hair. That's it!