Coruscant 1

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): For a while, I thought that this was yet another "poof" hairstyle, but as it turns out, the fan standing up is just a fringe of hair (see picture 2), similar to a sideways Roman soldier helmet. Sort of. I'm assuming that even in the movieverse, this is supposed to be a fake hair piece, since I know no way of doing that with human hair. At least, not while it's still attached to your head. The rest of the hair is gathered behind the head (as well as behind the huge headdress) and braided into 4-8 separate braids, which are then woven together. The braids are braided about 2/3 of the way down, then they're tied off. The remaining 1/3 of the braids are tied in knots, similar to the Invasion style. The hair is tied off again, leaving a tail a few inches long.

Directions: I really have no idea about the headdress. What I had originally done in the picture at the top was to pull the hair over a form constructed out of a wire coat hanger. However, since discovering the Roman soldier thing, I would just focus on the rear portion of the hair, since that's all that is real anyway. Gather the hair into a high ponytail and divide it into 4-8 sections. Braid each one about 2/3 down and tie them off separately. Weave them together in a loose braid or simply twist them around each other, then tie them all off together so that you can take of the individual ties. Knot the remaining hair several times at slightly different heights, then tie them off again. That's it!