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Analysis (whoo, scientific): Insane hairstyle. The hair is all pulled up from the forehead into two high, curved... um...things. I'm not sure what you'd call it. They end in two dangling hair ornaments and have jeweled bands encircling them every 6-8 inches or so. The hair in the back is pulled up high into a ponytail that is tied off every few inches (see pictures 2 and 3). The ends of the ponytail are looped up so that you can't see them (picture 3). This style was possibly influenced by the Mongolian hairstyle in picture 4. One wonders how the whole thing is held up. My best guess is some sort of wire or foam frame attached to the headdress, which the hair is combed over.

Directions: If you're costuming and hope to do this style, I recommend you just go with a fake headdress with hair. This style is virtally impossible. The only way I came remotely close involved wrapping the hair up around a poster tube with washcloths rubberbanded to the ends to form a bit of a curve. Then I wraped the side hair around the tube to hide it, tieing things around the tube and the hair to hold it or pinning the hair to itself. It was *incredibly* heavy. I now know why Natalie Portman has a slightly-leaning-forward, strained look in a lot of the pictures. The hairstyles are very rough on the neck. If you really want to give this a shot with your own hair, e-mail me for further details.