Coruscant 2

My version:

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): This style also features the signature Episode I poof. It's shorter and less wide than the Invasion style, with down-curved rather than rounded undersides. The hair in the rear is pulled back over the front of the poof and is crimped in an unusual (and, I suspect, non-repeatable) style, as illustrated in pictures 1 and 3. Picture 4 shows how the hair is pulled back up over the top. The crimped hair is covered by two gold bands and ends over the forehead with a gold cap of sorts. This style is identical to the decoy's hairstyle in the very beginning of Episode III (picture 5); see that page for more details.

Directions: Similar to the Invasion style, roll up a slightly smaller towel and pin it in the shape you want. Flip your hair forward and put the towel roll over the back of your head, pulling the hair over it. Rearrange the hair until it covers all of the towel and put the remaining hair into a ponytail. In my version, I just twisted the remaining hair, folded it over, and pulled it over to my forehead, pinning it to the hair covering the towel. In the original, it looks like tiny sections of the hair are twisted tightly so that they twist back on themselves. This would take a huge amount of time, but it might be possible. Make sure the ends are all tucked under and hidden. That's it!