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Analysis (whoo, scientific): Technically, maybe this shouldn't count since we never actually see the hairstyle without the veil thingamajig. However, you can just see two very high, large twisted buns underneath the veil. You can also just barely see braided hair through the two hair covers that hang down on either side (picture 1). This style is worn while traveling, as well as to Qui-Gon's funeral.

Directions: Best guess: part your hair down the middle, then part it again from the forehead to the nape just behind the ears. This should give you four vertical sections. Bring the two sides closest to the center part up VERY high and twist them tightly, forming a large vertical bun on either side. Pin securely, using the twisted hair itself to give it height. Now loosely braid the two sections that are hanging by your face. Find a fancy headdress with side covers, and that's it!