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Analysis (whoo, scientific): This is a beautiful style, which I had the devil of a time trying to recreate. The hair is all gathered behind the head, from which it fans out in 5 loops (see picture 2). From pictures 1 and 3 you can see the elastics they used to hold the loops. You can see in picture 4 what looks like tiny coiled braids (? twists?) tucked back under the style. Other than the 5 elastics holding the loops together, no other accessories are visible.

Directions: I had a very hard time getting the loops to stand up like they do in the movie. I finally gave up and did 5 twists instead of 5 loops, because they stayed put better. Put your hair in a mid-level, tight ponytail. Depending on hair length, you can either divide your hair into 5 sections or just 2. If you do 5, twist each section into a loop and put an elastic around each one. Pin the ends underneath. If you use only 2 sections, you can get 2 or 3 twists/loops per section. That's what I had to do, since otherwise I ended up with sections of hair that were too long. Just make one twist, coil the hair partway around, and make another twist, pinning as you go. You'll have extra hair from the section that you only made two loops with, so coil the rest of the hair around the original ponytail elastic to hide it. That's it!