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Analysis (whoo, scientific): The hair is casually parted in the center, with the sides pulled loosely back and up. The hair in back has quite a bit of height, as you can see in pictures 1-3, and the ends of the hair that has been pulled back are shorter than the rest of the hair hanging down. Picture 4 shows the waves on the side, and how the hair kind of forms a waterfall.

Directions: Part the hair slightly, not making it too exact. Gather the sides and loosely pull them back and up, keeping the look soft and not too tight. Use a claw clip to make a "sprout" or waterfall of hair, clipping it underneath the hair so that the hair falls over it, hiding it and giving you lots of height. If your hair isn't naturally wavy, try braiding the hair while it's wet and taking it out once it's dry. That's it!